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About Our Karts: Why Go Electric?

If you’ve never raced in an electric kart, you’re missing out on an adrenaline rush other kinds of karting just can’t provide. What makes the Thunderbolt racing experience a cut above the others? Our state-of-the-art electric karts are faster, cleaner and more competitive than fuel-powered karts, so you can enjoy a more exhilarating ride all the way from Lap 1 to Lap 16. Made by OTL Italy, our STORM series karts hail from the same country as the Ferrari and Lamborghini, and are engineered for the best in both performance and safety. Read on for more about why electric always wins.

Indoor electric go karts in Richmond

They’re faster.

In gas-powered karts the weight of the passenger may affect the speed of the kart at times. Depending on the weight of the driver, sometimes weights are added to gas-powered karts to even the playing field. Thanks to the high motor torque in electric karts, passenger weight has very little influence on your speed. Electric karts have more power and torque than gas-powered karts, allowing for faster take-offs and better acceleration. That means you’ll reach faster speeds much more quickly, making for a more thrilling, adrenaline-boosting ride. A superior electronic differential makes changing gears and directions easier for simple handling across every corner of the track.

They’re cleaner.

No gas means you won’t have to deal with smelly exhaust fumes and emissions as you race. Many people dislike gas karts because the fumes can cause headaches. The electric engines are powered by batteries with an electric controller, making them more environmentally-friendly than fuel-powered alternatives. They’re also much quieter, which makes for a more enjoyable racing experience for drivers and spectators alike.

They’re safer.

Fuel-powered karts often distribute weight predominantly on one side, making them more susceptible to flipping. Our electric karts are heavier and distribute weight more evenly (with batteries on both sides rather than an engine solely on one), making them safer and eliminating that risk. Our karts are also equipped with rollbars, four-point safety belts and durable, resistant framing to help keep drivers safe. And underneath the hood, self-ventilating disk brakes and a chain drive transmission allow for a bump-free ride along the way.

They level the playing field.

Gas karts have to be tuned and adjusted frequently, meaning some may run better than others, giving an unfair advantage to certain drivers purely by chance. Electric karts are more consistent, so every racer competes with the same equipment.

Don’t just take our word for it—go for a spin and experience the difference for yourself. Check out our racing calendar and contact us today or call 804-378-6066, to get in the driver’s seat today!