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Are you looking to speed up your fundraising efforts? Look no further, Thunderbolt Indoor Karting is just the place to meet your goals — and have fun while you’re at it!

Long gone are the days of kids knocking door to door to raise funds for their cause of choice. Break up the monotony of roaming the neighborhood, and eliminate the danger of talking to strangers, with a fundraising event at Thunderbolt Indoor Karting.

We put the fun in fundraising, and your friends and family are sure to agree. With a fundraising event at Thunderbolt, your job is easy. Just get people in the door. Whether you want to invite friends, family or your friend’s cousin from California, you’ll earn money for your fundraiser with every race purchased! Simply distribute the custom cards made by Thunderbolt and for every race that you sell, Thunderbolt will donate a percentage of the proceeds to your cause. See below for revenue sharing details:

25 – 49 Races Purchased = 20%
50 – 74 Races Purchased = 25%
75+ Races Purchased = 30%

Custom Card

Thunderbolt Fundraising Ticket

Seem complicated? It’s not. Allow us to give you an example. If your fundraising event brings in 50 people, who each purchase one race for a total of 50 races that total $1,000, you would receive a $250 donation check. Because you reached the 50-75 races tier, you would receive 25% of the proceeds ($250).

Indoor Karting Virginia

If you’re ready to hold a fundraiser that everyone is sure to remember, contact Thunderbolt Indoor Karting today at 804-378-6066! Not only will you raise funds for a great cause, but we can guarantee you a great time!

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