Indoor Go Karting in Richmond, VA


Life in the Fast Lane

Feel the thrill of authentic F-1 racing as you race neck-and-neck with other drivers at top speeds, your adrenaline pumping as you close in on the finish line. And then…do it all over again. Once you experience the heart-pumping thrill of electric go-karting at Thunderbolt, you WILL be hooked!

As central Virginia’s premier destination for high-speed entertainment, Thunderbolt proudly offers an extraordinary racing experience in a state-of-the-art, upscale, clean environment. Our electric karts are FAST-much faster off the line than the gas-fueled alternatives. Reaching up to 45mph, they provide an exhilarating ride.

With our flexible Arrive and Drive policy, just come in, suit up, and hit the track at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re racing against friends, family, or total strangers, we guarantee you’ll revel in the high-octane glory all the way to the checkered line.

Check our event calendar before you head over to the track to see what specials may be available or if a private party has rented the facility, closing Thunderbolt to the public for a few hours.

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About the Track

race-track-thunderbolt-24The Thunderbolt racing experience offers something for everyone. Families love experiencing something new and exciting together. Gear-heads will get a thrill from driving karts that hail from the lands of the Ferrari and Lamborghini, offering unparalleled levels of speed and control.

Companies will discover a new team-building exercise that leaves staff feeling spirited and unified. And family gatherings, girls’ nights and rainy day with nothing to do take an entirely new form when you add speed and competition to the equation.
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