Indoor Go Karting in Richmond, VA

Thunderbolt Racing Frequently Asked Questions


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How old do you need to be to race?

We have no age limits. A driver needs to be 48” tall to safely operate a junior kart and 60” tall to race an adult kart.

What do I do when I arrive?

Every driver needs a racing profile and must sign a race waiver before your first race at Thunderbolt. You can create your personal race profile in advanceonline, or if you prefer, when you arrive at Thunderbolt . Once you have finished your profile, just go to the front desk to have your picture taken, sign your waiver, and purchase your races. You are then placed in the next available heat.

When I purchase multiple races am I automatically signed up for multiple heats?

No. When you finish your race, if you want to race again you will need to return to the front desk to sign up for the next available heat.

Can I transfer my race credits to another racer?

Racing credits are not transferable to other drivers but they also do not expire. This is a standard industry practice.

Is it possible for adults to race with junior racers?

Unfortunately not. Envision a subcompact car being hit by a large SUV. Because safety is always our primary concern, we are unable to allow this.

Can I bring my own food or use my own caterer?

Yes! Although we offer a small selection of snacks and drinks at the reception desk, at this time, we have elected to not be in the food business. This is great for you because you can bring your own food or use a caterer of your choice for an event. To make life even easier for you, we can provide a list of local caterers we frequently work with. If you’d like a completely care-free event, we can handle your cateringfor a nominal fee.

How many can race at one time?

We can accommodate 10 adult karts and 8 junior karts in one race.

How long does one race last?

Depending on your speed level, a race can last between 7-10 minutes of actual race time on the track. When you factor in your time in the pit, you can estimate a race lasting 12-15 minutes.

Why is the length of a race determined by the number of laps and not time?

It is not unusual to have to halt a race briefly for a variety of reasons. Rather than guess how much time needs to be put back on the clock, by using a set number of laps as the determining factor we believe our system is more fair.

Why don’t you have a license fee like other tracks?

We don’t believe that other facilities provide anything of value for a race license. When you add in the cost of the license to the cost per race at other facilities, we believe you will appreciate that the cost of our races is a terrific value compared to our competitors.